Over the last five years that I’ve been natural, I’ve tested tons of conditioners. Through weeks of trial and error, I’ve found a few masques that are curly girl friendly and cruelty free (ie., no animal testing). Read on for my top 3 curl masques you should be using now.

1.  Shea Moisture African Black Soap Purification Masque

This is my GO TO masque for my daughter, Carrington, who has eczema, severe dry scalp, and dandruff. It contains tea tree oil and willow bark extract, which removes buildup and exfoliates the scalp. It has amazing slip and I use it as a detangler for her fine hair. It cuts detangling time in half and the comb just glides throughout her tailbone length hair.  The tea tree oil in this product soothes my baby’s scalp and relieves itching.

2. DermOrganic Intensive Hair Repair Masque

I LOVE this curl masque! I found the large one liter bottle (with pump) at Marshall’s for $19.99. The pump saves on conditioner and reduces water seepage, which makes it worth the price. This product makes my hair smell and feel good. It has amazing slip and I tend to skip my normal detangler when I use this curl masque. Simply wash, apply the masque, detangle, and let it sit. The end result is soft, shiny hair. Some of its perks are:

-This product is vegan and 70% organic for those who crave natural product.
-This masque contains rice amino acids, omega-6, essential lipids argan oil, grape seed extract, sunflower seed extract, and Vitamin E.
-The above ingredients helps repair damaged hair; it smoothes, softens, strengthens, and improves elasticity. The masque also seals the cuticle and neutralizes pH.
-Does not contain silicone, propylene glycol or glycerin.

3. OBIA Natural Hair Care Babassu Deep Conditioner

This conditioner is so thick and creamy. I have been a fan of Obia’s products for years and this conditioner did not let me down.  I love its consistency and the fact that it is thick like a true curl masque. The 8oz jar is available for $15 at www.obianaturalhair.com. Here are a few of the conditioner’s perks:

-Contains avocado and rosemary oils, and vitamin B-5  which repair damage and provide moisture.
-Babassu oil strengthens, softens, adds sheen, repairs elasticity.
-Also contains rice bran oil and aloe vera.
-Enhances shine, repairs elasticity, nourishes and softens hair and restores moisture balance
-NO silicones or sulfates. Protein free
-PH balanced
-Great for all hair types

We love finding new products! What are your favorite curl masques?

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