I have been doing a lot of couponing this week.  Before this week I had been slacking on my couponing and I guess this week has begun to more than make up for it. I posted some pics of some deals I did this week. I wanted to share with you a receipt ans some pics of some of the other deals that I have done this week

Above is a receipt for a set of king sheets that I purchased from Kohl’s on Sunday.

Today, I purchased these items from CVS (toothpaste) & Walgreen’s (Scrubbing Bubbles) for a total of $2.

I purchased these jars of sauce from HEB for a total of $2.97.

I love couponing. I will be doing some more shopping tomorrow as I have a 20% off coupon at CVS and a $4 off of 20 purchase so if I keep my total to $20, with both coupons that will bring my total to $12 and if my purchase includes items that I have coupons for then my total will be even less than that. So I will be on the lookout for the best items to get.

I also have a coupon to redeem at Victoria’s Secret and I also have a $5 off of $25 at Dollar General.

I will be sure to post the details.

If you have some deals to share, please share them by sending the details and the pictures to crystalscurls@gmail.com.