I have vivid memories as a small girl. Some of my favorite were of my mom braiding my hair and putting beads in it. She was/is so good at it and I DID NOT inherit that gene. But thanks to sites like Beads, Braids & Beyond, I have been able to learn to braid. I am getting better although I haven’t done french braids on my babies in a few months.

The picture above is of the beads I have here at home. The bad part is that I can’t use them on my children.  Why? Because they are quite small and because MY HUSBAND HATES BEADS AND REFUSES TO LET ME PUT THEM IN THE GIRLS’ HAIR.

I don’t quite know the reason for his disdain for beads (He is Hispanic, I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.) but I know that I have gone ahead and gotten beads put in the girls’ hair before while at the salon, only to return home and have him FUMING mad at me because of it. I have tried again and again to get beads put in their hair while at the salon and my 7 year old says, “My Papi doesn’t like beads so I can’t have them.”  He has it ingrained it them.  Of course they are Papi’s girls more so than Mami’s girls (that would be because I am the disciplinarian.)

Oh well, I have to adhere to his requests. I no longer bring up the issue. I was inspired to write this though, because the girls pulled the beads out last night and began playing with them and putting them in their babydolls’ hair.  At least he can’t ban beads in babydoll hair.  Well, only on his living dolls.