The most wonderful time of year is upon us and I couldn’t be happier about it. This year, I’ve been busy raising my family, building my business, and connecting with amazing women along the way. Still, I decided to take a little time out to create a simple holiday gift guide for those of you needing gift ideas for your friends and family. My guide only has five items, but they’re things that would make any busy mom’s life more efficient. See why they made the cut onto my holiday gift guide.

1. Simplehuman © 5x Sensor Vanity Mirror

Like most busy moms, I have tons of cords in my room. I want to use less plugs and reduce clutter and this vanity mirror will allow for me to do that. The vanity mirror is also sensor-activated and lights up as a face approaches. There’s an LED ring light on the mirror, which would make my morning beauty routine a breeze. Even better, this vanity mirror has a 5 star rating. You can find this $199.99 mirror at Bed Bath and Beyond online.

2. Louis Vuitton Neverfull

I work full time, operate a business, run a blog, and am raising a healthy family. This beautiful Louis Vuitton bag will give me the space that I need to store all that comes with being those things. Plus, it’s fabulous and has to be worn by someone!

3.  Stellar Lighting System

One of my goals for next year is to make more videos and take better photos. I’ve seen how great this light makes photos and videos look and can’t wait to take my social media and personal photos up a notch! Any blogger, vlogger, or creative entrepreneur would love to be gifted this system. For $299, this system comes with a mirror, stand, and ball head bracket for your camera.

4. Keurig ® 2.0 K550 Brewing System

Even though I’ve recently become a coffee lover, I can’t wait to purchase this Keurig system. It comes with a carafe, which will come in handy on the days that I need more than one cup or have guests over. This product can also be found online at Bed Bath and Beyond for $199.99.

5. Puku Camo S12

The Puku is a portable, rechargeable battery for smartphones, tablets, mobile or hand-held USB-charged devices. I love this charger because at one point in my life, I was a U.S. soldier. This item alone can help keep deployed soldiers connected to their families at a moment’s notice. Also, I have attended a few conferences where I had to plug my phone in a wall charger across the room and missed out on capturing important quotes and messages. With this cute charger, I will never be without my tablet and phone again. This camouflage Puku is online here.

I hope you enjoyed this guide as it was fun to create. I want to also share Flor Bella Boutique’s Black Friday sale with you. Use code: BLKFRI2014 to receive 30% off your purchase until 11:59 pm PST on 11/28/14. Shop our satin hand made bonnets here.

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What’s on your holiday gift guide this year?