Hi guys. I’ve been AWOL for a while. I hope you all had a wonderful CHRISTmas and are enjoying the winding down of 2012.

I started this blog at the beginning of my Curly Girl journey in July 2012.  I wanted to chronicle my journey trying something new with my hair. Prior to starting the Curly Girl method, I didn’t read product labels. I just bought what I thought I would like.  I was pretty much a die hard Mixed Chicks gal.  I bought those products because my girls are mixed.  (My husband is Puerto Rican.) The other product I used was Kinky Curly.  I decided to buy those products because I subscribe to Essence Magazine and I would always see the advertisements in the back of the magazine.  One day while reading I said, “Let me go get this stuff.”  I’ve been in love ever since.

I started couponing in July of 2011 and at that time I decided I would no longer pay lots of money on hair products because although the bottles of the Mixed Chicks were large, the 3 of us were going through them like crazy.  On top of that, there was only one place (at that time) where I could purchase the products and it was WAYYYY on the other side of town.  In addition, for the KC, it was at Whole Foods and Whole Foods is far from me, too. Once I started couponing it was then that I started getting drug store shampoos and conditioners. I was using Aussie Moist Conditioner after trying Herbal Essences Hello Hydration.  The HEHH to me did not detangle my hair very much, however I did like the Aussie Moist.  I had a ton of it under my sink that I got pretty much free due to couponing. I gave it away upon starting the CG method.

My surrogate mother here in San Antonio (Mrs. Annette) went natural earlier this year and she and I talked ad nauseum  about products and oils and how to get our hair to grow.  Because Mama Annette did a big chop I could not relate to her struggles.   She wanted to attain length and was a new natural while I had been natural since 2009.  In addition, I felt that my daughters hair should have been much longer than where it was.

The talks that Mama Annette and I had spurred me into researching products. I started with naturallycurly.com since they were in Austin and I am in San Antonio (pretty silly reason huh?) but I knew they also have an online store and it wouldn’t take forever for me to receive anything if I ordered from them.

I stumbled across Curly Girl: The Handbook by Lorraine Massey. And the rest, as they say, is history.

I IMMEDIATELY drove to Barnes and Noble to get the book.  (about 50 miles rd trip) That is how bad I wanted that book. I didn’t want to wait for shipping.

Anyway. Let me share with you some reasons why I decided to do this method:
1. Although I have always had long hair I wanted longer hair
2.  Although I didn’t use heat and maintained getting trims, my ends always seemed raggedy
3. I felt as if my girls’ hair should and could be longer
4. I was willing to do anything to attain the length for our hair (anything that was within health and reason)

So, it has been 5 months 21 days since I began.  Here is what I feel now:
1. I am CRAZY in love with my hair.
2. My hair is softer
3. It is healthier
4. It is moisturized
5. It is LONGER and I think is growing faster

Now there is room for improvements (things that I control that can make my hair EVEN BETTER)
1. CONSISTENTLY take my vitamins
2. CONSISTENTLY drink water
3. ELIMINATE the comb (I tried to eliminate it in the beginning but got lazy. although I only use a wide tooth comb)
4. Maintain a healthier diet (I don’t drink alcohol, but I eat a LOT of crap)

Here are some things that I have started that I think are going to be beneficial
1. I started using a REAL satin bonnet.  I even began making them. Check out Flor Bella Boutique
2. I bought a Huetiful steamer (you don’t have to get a Huetiful.  Any brand will do) and I use it once a week.  Just got it on Black Friday.
3. I use the water my body app to keep up with my water.
4. I use coconut oil in my hair. (I started this sometime in late September early October.  This was thanks to Mama Annette.)  I mix it with the deep conditioner and I even add a bit to my leave in.
5. I started juicing again.

I am really overjoyed to say that after MONTHS of telling Mama Annette about the CG book, she just got it and started the method. She even got a Huetiful and it was delivered to her a few days ago and she did her first treatment today.

Here are some pics of my hair before and during the CG journey. Enjoy.



If you are on the journey let me know your successes, failures, struggles. I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.  Post pics on the Facebook Fan Page.

Be Blessed!