Hello everyone.

So, we have established that I love being natural and I love saving money. Here is another reason I love being natural. I can cut my own hair. You can cut your own hair, too! And here’s how.

The video below shows Lorraine Massey (the author of ‘Curly Girl”) cutting curly hair and describing why her method makes sense. Her book also talks about this method but seeing the video was better for me as I’m a more visual person.

It is time for a trim for me and my girls. I’ve been online the past two days looking for a salon here that specializes in cutting curly hair (with experience with ‘ethnic’ hair). I must admit the thought of cutting my own hair is daunting to me because I don’t want to make any mistakes. But in looking for a salon I think I have come up short as everyone seems to think that I have to have my hair straight to cut it and I really want to avoid heat. Seeing how easy she does this makes the thought of me doing it myself a lot less scary.

Enjoy the video and enjoy your weekend.