We’ve committed to bringing you a new hair feature every week, and today we have just that with Dardra Lange. This Louisiana Southern Belle has a head full of healthy hair, but totes no particular routine. In fact, what she does is simple enough for any natural — new or experienced — to catch on to, no matter the size of their curls. Learn about her natural hair experience, as well as her least favorite parts of being a naturalista in this week’s hair feature.

Name and where are you from?

Hi! My name is Dandra Lange and I’m from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

When did you go natural? Did you transition?

I transitioned in 2009.

What made you go natural?

I noticed my hair was thinning and not growing as fast as it once did because I was getting relaxers. Although my texture of hair is what some people would consider “good hair”, I guess I was young and felt that I needed a relaxer. But the only thing it did for me was take my curl pattern away for a month or so.


What is your favorite thing about being natural?

My favorite thing is that my hair is healthier. I can straighten it out and go right back to having bouncy curls after washing my hair.

What is your least favorite thing about being natural?

Ugh! Trying to find the right hair products that are not too expensive and don’t make my hair all stiff. That is my least favorite thing.

Did you receive any criticism about going natural?

No. Most people didn’t even realize that I used to get relaxers; they always asked me why I did get them.

What is your night time routine?

I don’t have a routine. Unless I’ve just washed my hair, I will put a leave-in conditioner and comb it out, then let it air dry. I don’t like wearing anything on my head unless I’ve just straightened my hair.

Who are your favorite bloggers/vloggers?

I don’t have any favorite bloggers.


What are your favorite products?

I like the Wen Conditioner/cleaner. It works really well for my hair and doesn’t leave it frizzy later.

What is your go to hair style?

I usually just wear my hair curly and hanging or pinned up with cute little curl side burns lol.

Where can you be found on social media?

Twitter: @SouthnBelle225 | IG: SouthnBelle | FaceBook: /Belle225.

Any big plans for 2015?

I plan to keep learning new things everyday, find a better job, perhaps go back and complete my last few years of school, and hopefully I’ll find love amongst all of that and get married a few years from now. Overall though, my plan is to WIN! I want to win in everything I do.