I am good with dates. I remember lots of dates that are significant to my life.  My childrens’ birth dates.  My wedding anniversary; my parents’ birth dates; the dates my daughter, father, grandfather and grandmother passed away.  I can go on, but I won’t. The one date I don’t remember is the date I went natural.

Since I have started this blog and become more in tune with the natural hair movement, (I don’t know if movement is the right word to use) I have noticed that people remember their ‘nappyversary’ ‘napturalversary’ (their words, not mine) and other terms used for the date they went natural.

I did not decide to go natural for a significant reason. I didn’t feel like I was trying to find myself or go on some sort of spiritual journal. I didn’t form a pact with my friend and then decide to do it. Maybe if that was the case, then the event would have been more meaningful to me and I would remember the date. However, all I did was simply decide I wasn’t going to relax again.  Relaxing was not something that was an every 4 or 6 week event for me anyway.

Sometimes I feel bad for not knowing the date I went natural. There are tons of debates on when you are fully natural.  Some people want to find anything to debate about. (are you natural if you color your hair, etc.) But in my opinion, I went natural on the date I decided I would no longer relax my hair (whatever date that was.)

I do know that my last relaxer was in December of 2008.  That is of significance to me only because December is my birthday and I relaxed so I could have a bone straight hair for my 29th birthday.  So I have been natural for 4 years.  I do know that the last of my relaxed ends were cut out of my hair in 2010.  So for those who consider being natural as the moment you no longer have any relaxed hair, you can say I’ve been natural for 3 years.  But I follow the beat of my own drum.

Whatever date it was that I was ‘officially’ natural was one of the best days because I have never been so in love with my hair.  Its been a crazy relationship but the more time passes I love my hair more and more.  I hope you all feel the same way about your hair as well.

In closing, whatever your anniversary date is and no matter if you cut off all your hair or if you transitioned I hope your journey is a great one and that you always remember it.

Be blessed.