I am shaking things up. Literally. I am holding myself accountable for accomplishing the things I want to accomplish this year.  I have lots of things that I want to do but I am going to really hone in on my health and fitness goals.  I am going to set some realistic goals. Sometimes we set such lofty goals that it can be hard to achieve them. Therefore I am setting small goals one month at a time.  I am going to be writing about it because if I tell the world I am going to do it, I will look pretty bad if I don’t right?

January goal: Lose 15 pounds. To achieve my goal I plan to go the following:

1. The 30 day green smoothie challenge from Simple Green Smoothies (thanks @Eclectically_Me for telling me about this) The challenge is from 1/2-1/31, although I started this morning.  I made the Vitamin C Immunity Booster Smoothie and it was tres magnifique!

Here is the recipe if you would like to try it:

2 cups spinach, raw

3/4 cup orange juice

3/4 cup water

1 banana

1/4 cup carrots

2 cups strawberries

1/2 cup blueberries

Courtesy: www.simplegreensmoothies.com

2. I also decided to do squats this month and this is how many I have to do:

Jan 1 – 20 Squats

Jan 2 – 25 Squats

Jan 3 – 30 Squats

Jan 4 – 35 Squats

Jan 5 – 40 Squats

Jan 6 – 45 Squats

Jan 7 – 50 Squats

Jan 8 – 55 Squats

Jan 9 – 60 Squats

Jan 10 – REST

Jan 11 – 65 Squats

Jan 12 – 70 Squats

Jan 13 – 75 Squats

Jan 14 – 80 Squats

Jan 15 – 85 Squats

Jan 16 – 90 Squats

Jan 17 – 95 Squats

Jan 18 – 100 Squats

Jan 19 – 100 Squats

Jan 20 – 50 Squats

Jan 21 – 55 Squats

Jan 22 – 60 Squats

Jan 23 – 100 Squats

Jan 24 – 65 Squats

Jan 25 – 70 Squats

Jan 26 – 100 Squats

Jan 27 – REST

Jan 28 – 80 Squats

Jan 29 – 85 Squats

Jan 30 – 90 Squats

Jan 31 – 100 Squats

So I need to get to it as soon as I finish writing this post.  This was courtesy of the Facebook Group In Shape for 2013. This is the MINIMUM I have to do each day. I WILL complete the required about and WILL TRY to go above and beyond.

3. I am really STRIVING to complete 30 days of Jillian Michaels’ 30 day Shred.   

I love that tape and I already have myself an accountability partner (Thanks Brianna)

Courtesy: Amazon.com

4.  I am eating better.  NO MATTER WHAT. 

I know how to eat but sometimes I get lazy and want something quick. In addition, because I am an auditor I drive all around and many times I work so long and forget to eat and then I get so hungry that I stop at McDonald’s or anywhere I SHOULDN’T eat.

Here is what I ate today:

Courtesy: My Kitchen
5. I am going to track my eating using either a notebook or using My Fitness Pal app

6. I am going to get all my water in and track it using the ‘Water Your Body’ app.  

So far I have drank  50.7 of my recommended 85oz.

Okay. That is enough for today. What are your goals? Post your comments here or on the Facebook page. I love you all so much for your support. Let’s make 2013 a FANTASTIC year.

Be Blessed!