So how did I do on day 1?

I did 50 squats. I was only required to do 20. I did 30 first and then later did 20 more. Easy peasy. (In my Martina voice)
I didn’t make it through the 30 day shred. I was a bit of a wimp.
I ate pretty good although Tino made some Sister Shubert Rolls and I ate some.  I am so good at eating well when I make food. I will have to incorporate prayer into this so that I can resist the temptation to eat crap.

I got all of my water in. YAY!

Day 2: (1/2/13)

I did 35 squats and the requirement was 25.

For breakfast I had the same smoothie I had on day one.  I made sure to post my pic to Instagram and tagged Simple Green Smoothies since I am doing the challenge.

I ate left over taco salad for lunch. Days are so easy when you have left overs. No temptation to grab anything bad when you are worrying about what to fix if you already have food ready. One of the things I have been incorporating in order to save time is Tyson Grilled and Ready Products.

I will be honest and tell you that when I went into my office today (after lunch) I did indulge in some Andes Mints and some chocolate miniatures. That is why I hate going into my office because there is always a cake or cookie or candy somewhere. Then when I went to pic up my girls from my neighbor (who is British Slovakian) they had a tea party and had all sorts of cookies.  And of course I ate one. Or two. I also ate a chocolate chip cookie when we went to the mall last evening. The WORST part is that I also had Raising Canes for dinner. Those of you who are from Louisiana and Texas know what I am referring to.  But with all that I still lost 1 pound. Imagine if I had eaten clean the entire day! UGH! my crappy eating!!!!I use these in things like lettuce wraps and I will add some hummus or salsa. They taste great and are quick. They say to microwave them but I heat them on the stove because I don’t like to always have my food in the nuke.  I like these because there is always a coupon available for them as well so I get a few bags and throw them in the deep freeze.