Here is Eboni’s review of the Eversleek Deep Conditioner (by L’Oreal).

I am glad she did this video because I am a couponer and I ALWAYS get coupons for these products but I throw them out cause I didn’t think they were for our hair. I am looking for a deep conditioner to use with the CG method and I am going to try this out as soon as I get some coupons. I will be looking in my coupon stash in a few minutes. I have a slew of products right now that I am giving away because I can’t use them with the CG method (including brand new bottles of Miss Jessies Curly Pudding, Curly Meringue, Baby Buttercream and Super Sweetback Treatment) and a lot of Fructis, Herbal Essense and Aussie products that I got from my couponing. I am thinking of giving them to the church. I will be doing a video on the Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose as a deep conditioner later (but it is expensive too and I like to get more bang for my buck. Thanks Again Eboni. 🙂