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In 2013 I ordered my first Erin Condren planner.  I learned about her company through Instagram and I was immediately smitten with the beautiful designs, inspirational quotes and all the ways to personalize her products.  I was not at all deterred by the cost of her items because I know the saying, “You get what you pay for” rings true.  I quickly ordered my 2014 planner and awaited the day the mailman dropped a key in my mailbox, signaling I had a bigger package. (Here in Texas, even homeowners have  community mailboxes that are locked, similar to apartment complexes.)

 Here is the planner that I picked for 2014erin condren planner

I quickly told all my friends about the planner and my best girl Trenell hurried and scooped herself one as well.  A few weeks ago, I was reviewing my planner and realized that I needed to order my 2015 planner. I went online and selected my new planner and I also ordered a notebook which I plan to use as a prayer book to write my prayers in.  A journal of sorts of my conversations with God.

As a full time employee, business owner, mother, wife, chauffeur, cook, and everything else that being a mommy is, I have to stay organized. This life planner helps me stay on top of all that I need to do.  Let me share with you why I love it so much!!!

My 2015 planner (right) and my prayer notebook (left)

planner erin condren

I love the personalization that Erin Condren offers

The motivational quotes are on almost EVERY PAGE!!!

The weekly pages are where I jot down my meals plans and exercise plans when I am planning my week out.

I also list my weekly goals and notes on the left side

The month in view is where I use my color coded stickers to keep track of birthdays, my girls’ choir practices, my run distances, my prayer times, Dr. Appts, etc. The clear ruler helps me open right up to the month I am in!

Tons of storage including a clear zippered pouch and a folder for my receipts, stamps, coupons, important business cards, etc.

erin condren planner storage

Beautifully decorated non-lined note pages and lined pages to doodle, take notes, whatever you fancy. I use these for grocery lists and quick to-dos

erin condren calendar notes

Tons of stickers to label birthdays, Dr. appts and even blank ones to create your own color coded system for your calendar


It even has a pen holder to hold my colorful Erin Condren markers (both purchased separately)

As you can see this planner offers tons of ways to stay organized, on time and motivated as well.  If you have an Erin Condren planner let me know how you like yours.

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