#HowTo Tutorial. Summer is on the way and sweltering heat will be in tow! We found a great tutorial on how to protect your natural hair while also keeping it off your necks. Watch as YouTube personality Quiesha Jay shares how to achieve an adorable high puff with a french braid in the tutorial below. This style can work in you and/or your little naturalista’s hair if you have one. Just be sure to start this style before bed so it can set overnight. Take a look.

Can’t watch the tutorial? Here are 17 Quick Prep Steps on achieving this high puff with french braid.

1. Start with Co-washed hair.

2. Apply your favorite leave-in conditioner throughout your hair.

3. Add your favorite oil to seal in moisture.

4. Detangle your hair.

5. Section off a front portion of your newly moisturized hair.

6. Apply a curling cream or holder to the sectioned hair.

7. Apply a gel souffle to the sectioned hair.

8. Add your favorite gel to the area. Quiesha is using the popular Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel. Gel down edges and loose hairs around the parts. Brush gel throughout sectioned hair.

9. French braid that section of hair down towards the back of your head.

10. Loosen the rest of your hair and section it into sub parts. Start with detangling it as you did the front portion of your hair. Apply the same products to each section in the same order as listed above.

11. Plait those sub-parted sections and apply a foam roller to their ends.

12. Wrap the french braided section of your hair in a satin scarf. Protect your rolled sections with a satin bonnet. Sleep peacefully!

13. The next morning, remove satin bonnet and untie satin scarf. Remove foam rollers. Apply your favorite oil over loose pieces to reduce frizz.

14. Unplait + lift loosened curls with an afro pic.

15. Apply souffle and gel throughout those curls.

16. Use stretchy or loose headband to wrap around your head, starting behind your french braid. (Pay close attention to this part of the video.) If you use the same item as Quiesha, you may need to apply bobby pins to keep the headband in place around your head. If your (or your little one’s) puff isn’t as big and/or a headband is too big to use, consider using a scrunchie to heighten your puff.

17. Add extra gel and tease puff as desired!

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