I was looking at www.iheartcvs.com & www.iheartwags.com to view the upcoming sales at CVS and Walgreen’s because I am a couponer and love it (hence the ‘I just can’t get enough’ heading of today’s post). I am super excited because starting Sunday at CVS, L’Oreal Ever products (EverSleek, etc.) are on sale 2/$12 and if you purchase $20 worth of those products you get $5 back and there is supposed to be a coupon in the paper as well for the products.  That means I can get some deep conditioner (4 bottles) for less than $24 after my coupons and do a product review on it.

I am a product junkie, I admit, but since I am trying the CG method I am purging myself of products that are not good for that regimen. I’ll make sure to post my coupon haul on Facebook and I will post a video about the results of the EverSleek Smoothing Deep Conditioner. I am excited because Eboni liked it (see her review here). I am new to this CG method and truthfully I am ready to find what works for me because I am tired of buying lots of different things. My husband told me last night he was tired of all my products and he actually told me not to but anything else. LOL. He keeps a low fade that requires nothing but washing with his favorite shampoo Head & Shoulders. He is also a curly, and no he doesn’t have dandruff. I laugh at that man. I love him so much.

I just want my routine to be effective at a low cost. Between me and my girls it is EXPENSIVE.

Okay. See ya in a few days when I post my video review of the conditioner. Be blessed my fellow naturalistas.