Hey ya’ll.

First, I would like to congratulate all the winners of the birthday giveaways we had:
OBI giveaway -Amber
Kinky Tees-Yolanda & Alex
Mixed Chicks-Lisa & Ronekia

To all of you who entered, I appreciate the feedback and support.

Today is my birthday!

Another year older.

I like to consider my birthday my NEW YEAR. I make some resolutions at this time and at Jan 1.

Some of my resolutions in my 33rd year:
Run a half marathon
Take a cake decorating class
Take photography class
Continue to improve my Spanish
Make my kids Halloween costumes in 2012 (lord willing)
and MOST IMPORTANT continue in my quest to be a better me all around.  Continue to grow in Christ and to pray more.

As I reminisce on this past year there are some things that really stick out.

On the somber side, this year marked the 20th year since my father died.  This year was also the eighth year since my daughter Jada died and the one year since I lost my Granny last year at the age of 93 (Thank God for longevity)

But on the more positive side there were a LOT of wonderful things that happened this year:
1. My daughter Tina started 2nd grade and has all A’s.
2. Carri started pre-K (I am so happy about that because this is the LAST year I have to pay for school)
3. This was my 10th anniversary with my husband.
4. I learned to sew and make some clothes for my children.
5. I started this blog (thanks guys for the love and support)
6. I started running (AGAIN.  I used to run in the Army but HATED it)
7. I started my business Flor Bella Boutique
8. My daughters learned to swim (this was so necessary. I didn’t learn until I was 18)

I could keep going but the list is too loooooong.

Most importantly, I am grateful for Jesus and his grace and mercy.
I am also so grateful to those of you who follow me and support me. I appreciate it so much.