It is 11:45 pm and I just finished banding my hair.

I wanted to band my hair for two reasons. I wanted to check the length and I wanted to do a “style”. Since I have been on the CG method I have not done anything other than a wash and go to my hair.  I wanted to do something other than a twist-out or a braid-out.

I previously did a banding experiment in June and here was the result:

This was done on 4 banded ponytails.

For tonights banding here is what I did:
I detangled in the shower (with fingers only) using Tresemme Naturals Conditioner & let sit while showering
I rinsed & then sectioned hair into quadrants (then proceeded one quad at a time)
Re-wet each quadrant with water bottle & applied Paul Mitchell The Conditioner
Divided each quad in half
Applied eco styler and banded

The result was 8 banded ponytails. (2 ponytails per quadrant).

Here it is all tied up:

And Covered Up:

I divided each quadrant and made 8 ponies to see if the results would be different than my first banding experience in June.  I am excited to see my results.

Now time for bed.  I will post the results whenever I take them down, which may be in a few days.  I made a video of the process which I will post soon.  Good nite. Be blessed.