Before starting Flor Bella Boutique, I didn’t feel very confident. Sure, there were things about me that I was confident in, such as my intelligence.  But for me, the things that I felt confident in were few and far between.

I started sewing in 2012 out of necessity.  Tino had gotten laid off and it seemed like I was constantly having to get clothes repaired, which  can be pretty expensive. Because I have two small children, I imagined that the cost would only continue. Since I had no clue how long he would be laid off, I decided that I needed to learn how to sew so I could do those things myself.

When I learned how to sew – and eventually started Flor Bella Boutique – was when I finally felt a sense of confidence. My confidence continued to grow with each bonnet I made because I could see that I was creating something even though I never considered myself creative. Not only was I creating items that would help other people, I was allowing my girls to see a woman who works hard to create the life she wants. Being that example to my daughters did more for my confidence than you can imagine.

Success means different things to different people. To me, success is a happy and whole life. I struggle with depression. Each day that I make the conscious choice to be happy, feel confident, secure and to own that is success for me.  Success is being an example to my daughters that hard works pays off. I hope they see that when they look at me.  And I surely hope that it rubs off on them.

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