In a previous post, I mentioned how Instagram and Facebook might make someone feel inadequate. Some time last year, I found myself spending lots of money on things that I saw others with on Instagram. Remembering that I’ve never been a label whore, much less one to brag on my possessions, I realized that I wasn’t being true to myself.

I took a break from social media because it consumed me. I compared so much of my life to what lived on social media even though I knew it was nothing but Front Street.

Shameless Maya has a phrase that I absolutely love: “Do you, Boo!” Every time I think about comparing myself to someone else, I remember that phrase and say to myself, “Be you. Do you.” Besides, people on social media aren’t sharing their outtakes, just their highlight reels. There’s no need for me (or you) to compare myself (or yourself) to others when I’m unsure of what I’m really comparing myself against. So in honor of this week’s Motivational Monday post, lets resolve to be ourselves.


I found this great picture on the Instagram of Jenell Stewart of Black @healthyjenell.

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