I have dreamt of opening a natural hair store here in San Antonio for over 2 years.  I dreamt and dreamt about it to no avail. I didn’t think I could do it by myself. I thought I needed an investor.  How do I get in contact with brands?  Would people come to my store? Will it succeed?  All these thoughts kept me awake many a night.  I discussed with a friend about us opening the store together and she agreed. However, I was the one who drove all over the streets of San Antonio looking for a location. I was the one calling all over trying to see what the rates were for the spots I liked. I was feeling defeated.

People kept telling me don’t mix friendship and money.  Things would end badly, they said.  Long story short, I decided to go out on my on.  The friendship didn’t end because of the store, thank God; I just decided that it was my dream and I needed to do it on my own.  I didn’t want anyone saying what they did for me.  I stepped out on faith.  Things started falling into place little by little.  A wonderful friend has guided me along the way, my landlord blessed me with free rent for 2 months,  my cabinet maker offered my checkout counter at a discount, my neighbor across the street owns a sign company and made my signs.  All that to say, when you dream big and then believe in your dreams, they come to pass. So many times along this journey I have been humbled. I have made plans, only to have God laugh at them. But he continues to come through in the clutch for me. EACH. AND. EVERY. TIME.

So now Flor Bella Beauty Bar is open and is planning the grand opening. I am so grateful and blessed to be so much closer to living my dreams.

My dreams are not bigger than my God. My God is bigger than my dreams and with him my results will be big, too.

What dreams do you have that you have yet to take action on? Just take the first step!