When a woman says, “I like me,” to herself, she’s taken away the need to be validated by others. This moment is liberating and life changing and should be something that every woman experiences, because we’re around ourselves more than anyone else. 2015 seems to be the year of self-love; the movement is powerful, beautiful and inspiring. In spirit of self-love and continuously doing things that enforce the phrase I like me, here are 3 reasons you should keep your happy every day.

3 Reasons to say I Like Me every day

1. There is no one else on earth exactly like you. Its cliche’ to remind you that you were born an original (and not a copy), but in all seriousness, it is true. Not one person in the world is designed to expend your gifts onto others like you are. Be encouraged to listen to what your inner woman is speaking to you every day. Write down the things she tells you and recognize them are your purpose for living in this life.

2. You were made to win. There’s a reason why those Nationwide commercials remind us that “life comes at you fast.” Sometimes, it happens, gets in the way and often holds us back from believing that we’re greater than our circumstances. No matter your situation, you must believe that you are greater. Somewhere, in your personal mess is a message for you and for someone whom you haven’t even met yet. In this instant, remind yourself that you are a winner and will have victory in whatever it is you set your mind to do.

3. Simply put: It feels good. When you like yourself, its that much easier to love yourself, and who doesn’t deserve that?! Saying, “I like me,” and actually meaning it is gratifying and emits a sense of peace that can’t be bought. Its a sense of security that no one can take away from you even if they tried and that is something to be proud of.

Like every Monday, we hope to have encouraged you to give yourself the absolute best love and care possible. If this post helped you in any way, chat with us in the comments, on social media with hashtag #FlorBellaBoutique or simply share this with a friend.