Parents encourage their children to be successful as they age: in academics, sports, friendships, and life in general. They often neglect to tell us there’s no such thing as overnight success. By the time we figure this out, we  may’ve grown weary and tired of the rat race that comes from chasing success. But here’s the thing: if its worth having, the race is more than worth it.

Every week, we like to challenge and encourage you to be your absolute best. You and those around you — family, friends, co-workers, clients, etc. — deserve that. We also like to share little gems we’ve learned along the way in the quest for success in business, family and the task of trying to balance it all. Success is one of the most attainable goals out there, but overnight success usually doesn’t happen for most of us. While that can be discouraging, remember that you’re on your journey for a reason. Keep your end game in mind and run your race like its nobody’s business.

3 thoughts on handling the overnight success blues:

1. Don’t compare yourself to others.

Their journey is just that: theirs! Its OK to be inspired by others, but try your best not to let what they’re doing negatively impact what you’re doing or want to do in the future. Respect it and move on.

2. Live in the moment.

You may be in an uncomfortable part of your journey — enjoy it anyway! One day, this moment will pass. Not only are you getting (without realizing it) what you need from it for the future, but its preparing you for bigger and tougher situations down the line. You’ll appreciate it when those times come.

3. Find your tribe.

You’re not the only person experiencing whatever it is you’re going through. And with the internet being so easily accessible, you can find people all over the world who are just like you with similar issues. Seek quality people who can relate to your need for success as well as ones who’ve achieved that success. They can remind you that overnight success does not exist and give you navigational tips for your benefit.

What are your thoughts on overnight success?

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