Last week while in Los Angeles I visited Shai Amiel of Capella Salon.  He is the stylist to several stars and well known bloggers such as Tamera Mowry and Bianca Alexa. I fell in love with his work on Instagram. I decided to give him a try because his body of work contained lots of women of color and I felt  that I could trust his hands in my hair.

There are stylists here in Texas who perform the DevaCut, however, every one of them that I called didn’t have experience with ‘ethnic hair.’

I didn’t want to get my hair straightened to get it trimmed, because I only wear my hair straight once per year.

I had to go to Los Angeles to attend Mimi G’s Fashion Sewing & Style Conference and to go fabric shopping. While there, I decided to get my hair done by Shai. (actually I decided way before)  I almost didn’t get in. I was actually on the wait list because he was booked. However, the hair Gods shined down on me and Shai had a cancellation (thanks for canceling whoever you are)

Let’s just say I was BEYOND excited.

So, I got to the salon which is in the Studio City neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley. The salon is really nice and all the staff were really nice. Shai explained what he would be doing. He evaluated my hair. He told me to no longer straighten my hair and I can’t believe I actually agreed. Lord knows I look forward to my annual straighten in December.

I learned that I have fine hair, not coarse.

After cutting my hair, his assistant washed and conditioned me with Deva Curl No Poo, One Condition and Heaven In Hair. She styled me with the Styling Cream and the Light Styling Gel.

devacurl products

While washing and applying the products, she explained what each one did as well as how to apply the products. The shampoo chair was a massage chair with automatic foot recliner. The assistant sure was great and the shampoo was very relaxing.

After styling, Shai touched up any extra pieces that needed to be trimmed.

Here are my results.

deva cut with shai amiel

I was relieved to know that Shai said my hair was in great condition and that I have been taking good care of my hair. So, I guess now I have a standing appointment each year with Shai for my hair cut. While the cut was expensive and the most I’ve ever paid for my hair to be done, it was worth every penny. I would pay way more for a years worth of relaxers and styles if I were relaxed.  My curls look great.

Here is a pic of my hair a few days after the cut. These curls are EVERYTHING!!!

deva cut

Here is a closeup of the curls

deva cut

Thanks Shai for your service and professionalism.  I will definitely be back.

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