As I mentioned in my previous post, I am a runner.  I wanted to share a few of my favorite things that I always have with me while running.

1. Garmin 220 watch

  • I love this watch because it comes with a heart rate monitor and even if I don’t use the HRM, the watch tells me my distance, pace and tells me my personal records. It is also rechargeable and will stop and pause if I stop moving and then resume tracking me when I start moving again. I love that because sometimes I stop and talk to neighbors or stop to tie my laces.

2. Bondiband headbands

  • I am a sweater.  I mean I sweat ALOT. I love these headbands because they are moisture wicking and comfortable (I have a big head).  There are lots of patterns, designs and colors available.

3. Oakley Overtime sunglasses

  • I have been wearing Oakley shades for a while. I had a pair of  Oakley Necessity frames. They became damaged and I contacted Oakley to obtain repairs, however, they were discontinued.  Oakley offered me 30% off to upgrade and I chose the Overtime frames. I love them. The nose pads are really cushiony (y’all have seen my nose right?!) and they don’t give me a headache as I have experienced before with other glasses I have worn before.

4. Monster DNA headphones

  • These headphones replaced a pair of Beats that my husband bought for me.  The beats were not flexible and since I have a big head this resulted in them breaking in half. These DNA headphones are very flexible. The ear pads are so soft and pillowy and they provide noise isolation. I love listening to my gospel as I run (Tye Tribbet is the TRUTH!!)

5. Spibelt belt pack

(the link is for the diabetic one. I’m not diabetic, I purchased that one because it has a hole to accommodate headphone wire (in my case) or insulin pump cords through)

  • Spibelt is an Austin, Texas based  company.  The Spibelt expands to hold phones, keys, cash, credit cards, and even does not bounce. It is the perfect thing to hold my phone and my house key while I run. My hands are free and there is no bouncing while I run.  There is an opening to fit headphone cables through. I love the Spibelt!!!

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