Prior to July 2014, I had NEVER tried Shea Moisture Body products. I am familiar with the awesome hair products and fell in love, most recently, with the Noni & Monoi line. However, while at the New Orleans Natural Hair Expo, I stopped at the Shea Moisture pop up shop. While there, the superfruit line was launched and there was special promotional pricing on the items in the store. I believe it was 3/$25. I picked 3 items including the Superfruit masque and the body wash. (review of the masque later) I received the body lotion in a swag bag at the brunch the following day.

Well, ever since I have been home, I have been in heaven in the shower. First, let me share with you the background. The new Superfruit line is available exclusively in Ulta and for approximately $10 each.

The main ingredients are :

  • Superfruit Complex – A blend of Red Raspberry, Goji, Acai and Guava Extracts. Highly effective in promoting smooth, youthful skin.
  • Mango Butter – A rich emollient that intensely moisturizes and rejuvenates for soft, supple skin.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract – Helps nourish, contour and smooth dimpled, uneven skin

(Info courtesy Shea Moisture)

My impressions:
  1. The product is insanely moisturizing.  I run everyday and the salt from the sweat leave me dry and itchy. After showering with the body wash and using the lotion my skin is uber hydrated.
  2. The smell is FANTASTIC.  I LOVE the smell. I feel like I smell intoxicating and sexy.  I love to use this at night before bedtime and laying up under my husband. He always notices and mentions how good it smells.
  3. The price is not bad. Ulta is one of the stores that accepts coupons and always has promotions so I know I won’t go broke if I continue to purchase this line. In addition, there are other Shea Moisture Body lines available at Walgreens and CVS which I frequent alot in my couponing endeavors, so I plan to stock up.
In closing, I think that you won’t go wrong trying this line. This is the only one I have tried and I was beating myself up for not trying any of the other ones sooner.  My final thought is that you should #getyousome.