The picture above shows my purchase at Walgreen’s. I will start by saying that this is NOT my best savings but I made the purchase anyway.  Walgreen’s started a new program called Balance Rewards. You earn points on certain items and the point add up to cash rewards. For more details check here.

Here is a an idea of how the points can add up quickly.


(5) Cottonelle wipes on sale for $2 each, regular price $3.29, Total $10 (saved $6.45)
(6) Clorox Wipes on sale 2/$5, regular price $3.59, Total $15 (saved $6.54) (buy 2 get 1,000 points) (total earned 3,000 points)
(2) Scrubbing Bubbles Kitchen Cleaner on sale 2/$5, regular price $3.59, Total $5 (saved $2.18)
(2) Scrubbing bubbles Bathroom cleaner on sale 2/$5, regular price $3.59, Total $5 (saved $2.18)

I earned 6000 points (the equivalent of a $5 reward) on my purchase.

Total Cost: $35
-$5 coupons used
Out of pocket: $30 and got back a $5 coupon on a future purchase and my savings were $17.35

So $30 -$5 coupon received -$5 reward earned with points =$20.  Not the best, but not bad either
To see this weeks Walgreen’s ad for more of the weeks deals, click here.

I was totally okay with this purchase because I don’t find a lot of high dollar coupons for Cottonelle wipes or for Clorox wipes  and I try to keep a lot of both. With a 5 and 7 year old we NEED both wipes for different reasons, lol.  Anyway. If you haven’t joined the Balance Rewards program, check it out and join. I was very hesitant to join it because I was so accustomed to earning Register Rewards on my purchases. But, there are still Register Rewards to be had.  I will be stocking up on the things I need while accumulating points. To me, the end justifies the means.

Happy savings. I hope this in some way helps you.