Mokara Satin Reversible Bonnet


Mokara Satin Reversible Bonnet


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Our Mokara Satin Reversible Bonnet is made with charmeuse satin whose benefits include moisture retention, prevention of hair loss, and minimization of tension and stress on the hair, scalp, and skin. This satin bonnet is a beautiful, new, fun print. Each print comes with a black lining.  These bonnets are perfect for all hair types.  Each bonnet comes with an enclosed elastic to prevent damage to the hairline.  The bonnet is reversible so you can switch up your style as you see fit. Print one night and solid color the next.

This is the BEST  in satin hair protection for you! Enhance your nightly hair routine with this GORGEOUS satin bonnet!

To learn about the benefits of the Mokara Satin Reversible Bonnet click HERE.

This Mokara Satin Reversible Bonnet can come with or without a drawstring.

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