Hi guys! You may have noticed the new logo on the blog along with a new name. I hope you like it.

Welcome to The Bella Blog.

‘Bella’ means beautiful in Spanish. I wanted to change the name because I wanted to write about life not just hair. There are so many things I enjoy and hair is just one of those things. I think as women there are so many facets to us and there are so many other things that can help to bring about change in our communities and even within our individual selves.

I felt like focusing on my hair was a bit vain.  I am a mom, wife, entrepreneur, chauffeur, etc., and I want to talk about how all those things make me who I am and how they make my life beautiful.  Hence “Living La Vida Bella.” Cue the Ricky Martin music.

Living the beautiful life!

It has taken me a long time to see the beauty in my life. I am not talking about me being beautiful.  I am talking about becoming a rose among thorns. The thorns in my life clouded how I viewed myself and life in general. I was a pessimist and I always expected bad things to happen to me.  It took a while but I expect miracles everyday.  I expect peace, love, joy and happiness.  Now, I know all these things won’t happen all the time but I know that bad won’t happen all the time either.  I want to share my journey on how I arrived at the place I am at now.

Don’t worry; hair posts, couponing posts, and the usual things I post about will still be here.   I just want to branch out and focus on more things than just hair.  I hope we can help each other grow and live life beautifully!!!