I have posted pics of her already but I wanted to elaborate on what I did since people have been asking.

On Sunday I pre-pooed Tina’s hair using Tresemme Naturals and some Daily Curlz oil. I detangled the hair with the conditoner and oil mix and then put her under my Huetiful steamer.

After Steaming, I washed her hair with Shea Moisture’s Restorative Shampoo.  I used the Curl & Style Milk and the Curl Souffle to twist. I used Eco Styler for the edges.

Here is the pics of her hair right after twisting on Sunday and when I took the twists down this morning. (I didn’t get a pic on Monday morning as we were running late. I re-twisted her hair last night because it rained here yesterday.)

Isn’t she beautiful?!