Yesterday, I did T’s hair.  I know, I know, I usually do it on Saturdays.  However, Mommy was a busy Bee and I could not find time. So EARLY int ther mernin (in my Madea voice)  I co washed her hair with Tresemme Naturals.  Then I detangled.  I applied Paul Mitchell The Conditioner (mixed with coconut oil) to her hair. Then I applied EcoStyler gel to 4 sections. I DID NOT rake or smooth through piece by piece like I usually do (see my youtube videos HERE). I sectioned the hair off and applied the gel to each section liberally and used my fingers to comb the gel through each section. (I did this because we were short on time yesterday morning.

Why did I mix The Conditioner with coconut oil? 

Because T has VERY think hair and it tends to dry out quicker than my hair or C’s hair.  Besides it had been raining over the weekend an incredibly humid so I didn’t want her hair to look a fried dried mess on her head while at school.

Last nite I twisted her hair up, as the humidity did leave it a little dry. I divided into 4 sections again and wet with spray bottle and applied Design Essentials Natural Moisturizing Lotion and twisted it and she slept in her bonnet.

This morning on the way to school, T told me that her PE coach told her that she wanted her hair. (I was thanking the hair God’s for that.  As you know from My M Dilemma post, T craves straight hair)  I saw her coach this morning and she told T, “You have such pretty hair.”  I told T, “See the people with straight hair want your hair.”

Today she went to school with her twists in because she said she didn’t want me to take them out.  LOVE IT! ROCK YOUR TWISTS BABY GIRL!

*Note: these pictures were taken after I picked her up from school.  Her hair had grown nice and full from the humidity.  I love the fullness of it.