*I tried to post this yesterday but had issues with Blogger so here we go again.*

I was inspired by this beautiful photo of Valerie at Curls2Envy where she posted her lovely pictures of her flat twists.

I have done tons of twists outs prior to July when I started the CG method. I hadn’t done any since starting because I have been lazy and twisting my hair takes a long time.  Seeing Valerie’s flat twists made me think, “Hey that looks easy.” However, I have NEVER flat twisted my hair or anyone else’s hair before.  So I went straight to the source….yes, you guessed it, YouTube!! I watched some videos last evening (8/28) and told myself I could do it.

Well above is the result. See featured photo.

I normally don’t style my hair mid-week but I was bored. I washed with with Mixed Chicks sulfate free shampoo (there was some white residue in my hair from the Kinky- Curly products from Saturday) I applied my Paul Mitchell The Conditioner. I moisturized with Design Essentials Naturals Daily Moisturizing Lotion and then I applied EcoStyler clear gel.

I will post pictures of the hair when I take the twists down so be looking out.

Be Blessed!