I hope you are not expecting something regarding childbirth. I am, however, birthing or delivering my ideas on expectations.

For most of us, we relaxed our hair for so long we don’t remember our natural tresses.  So when we go natural we don’t know what to expect.  For those who big chopped, anticipation of what your curl pattern will be like can set it.  Or some expect that going natural will make their hair grown incredibly long.

As natural women we see other naturals and compare ourselves saying, “My hair is like hers.”  We look at other naturals pictures or we see a woman and stop them and say, “What product do you use?”  We ask that question with the expectation that whatever product that woman uses will provide the same result.  I have been guilty of this in my almost 4 years of being natural.

Asking questions is essential. We are on this journey and while traveling we are discovering and trying things in order to find what works best for us.  But in this quest we should not expect that our hair will have the same outcome as someone else’s.  I have seen blogs with posts where women say things like, “It didn’t give me curls.”  If you don’t have curls, no product will give you girls.  Some products define your curls.  But products enhance or showcase what you already have.  If you have kinky hair don’t expect curly hair from a product. It doesn’t work that way.  This goes back to a previous post, ‘You Look a Hot Mess’, where I talk about being happy with the hair you have.

I love the natural movement and how we want to share our videos with our regimens and product reviews. However, those reviews are just like ‘Roger Ebert At The Movies.’  They are our opinions of something we experienced. Just because Mr. Ebert likes a movie doesn’t mean you will like it and vice versa.  The same with product reviews.  Just because I try a product and like it doesn’t mean you will.  I can have awful results with a product that can give you the best results you ever had.

Sometimes we set our expectations too high and are disappointed with the outcome.  I am not suggesting lowering your expectations; just have realistic ones.  Be blessed.