The Fed Ex man just rang my bell and left me a wonderful surprise! The lovely ladies of Mixed Chicks sent this to me. They were even so generous as to send me the conditioner, lip balm and a brush. Now, how did they now I needed a new brush for the girls? LOL. Thanks so very much Wendi & Kim. I am very excited to try this and GUESS WHAT? It JUST so happens that it is time for my deep condition for the week and I also need to wash my hair as I feel like my scalp has been itching. So as you can see below this is the SULFATE FREE Mixed Chick Shampoo so it fits with my CG regime. I can’t wait to do the video. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was a HUGE fan of their regular shampoo and actually still have a more than half full bottle upstairs. I am giving all my old products (many of which have NEVER been used) to church for those who can use them since I have switched to the CG regimen.

Stay tuned for my post and my video with the review. Be blessed.