This week we are featuring Latisha.  I am really excited about this feature because we are featuring the best of both worlds.  She is NATURAL and a COUPONER!!!  I am excited to feature her natural hair journey and her couponing experiences.  I hope you enjoy as she shares her experience with us.

Name and where are you from

Latisha, The Frugalicious Diva and I hail from Toledo, OH!!

When did you go natural?

In 1999, so it’s been about 14 years.

What prompted you to go natural?

It wasn’t by choice initially. I got my last relaxer one morning and by noon, my roots were wavy. I decided I didn’t want to waste money on that anymore. So, I learned how to manage this mane of mine. I’m so glad it happened this way. I LOVE being natural!!

Did you big chop? Why or why not?

No, my head is too big for that!! LOL!! I transitioned, but back then I didn’t know it was called that. I just worked with what I had!!

What is your regimen?

No real regimen. I use Apple Cider Vinegar to cleanse the scalp and I use Terressentials Mud Wash to clean. No more shampoo for me. For daily use, I use a shea butter mix I made of shea butter, coconut oil and essential oils. I got the recipe from a YouTuber. It’s great for growth, shine and daily maintenance.

Favorite products?

My Shea Butter mix. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to my hair. Oh, I love Tea Tree Oil too.

What is your favorite thing about being natural?

The fact that you can never go wrong with it. For me, there’s never a bad hair day. Yes, I deal with a lot of tangling, but I’ve learned to let it do what it does best, allow me to be me!!

Who is your celebrity hair crush? why

T’Keyah Crystal Keymah, because like me, she was natural before it was popular to be. She always had beautiful hair and a beautiful, confident spirit to match.

Who is your regular hair crush?

YouTuber, Naptural85. We have the same hair texture and she’s so thorough in her videos that I was a fan immediately. She comes up with the best hair style ideas and I love the fact that she is about what’s healthy for us (hair, body, skin). Fabulous!

When did you start couponing?

I started couponing in January of 2012. It was my goal to learn about it and master it and I have!! This year I want to take it to the next level and master the drug stores. They are a little more complicated, so I know it’ll be a challenge!!

What inspired you to start couponing?

I was coined, Frugalicious Diva, in 2008 by a Frugal Sisterhood Yahoo group. I was saving in so many areas of my life and I’d just bought a home. Always looking for ways to save on home and food items, it was a natural progression to learn how to coupon. Now, I teach others.

How much time do you spend couponing?

It takes up a lot of time initially, but when you get used to it, it’s second nature. I stopped physically clipping ALL the coupons and just the ones I need to use. I follow several blogs, so they find the deals (or potential deals) for me. I wish I could pinpoint the hours, but it often gets folded into other tasks. It really is a way of life!!

How do you acquire your coupons?

I get my coupons from the weekly “junk mail”, the Sunday newspaper, friends and family give me theirs and I print many online. The Internet Printables are such a great asset to the couponing game. You can take advantage of many more deals with those coupons!!

Do you have a favorite store to coupon at?

My favorite couponing store is KROGER!! They seem to have the best deals, the best coupon match ups and AWESOME clearance items regularly!! I LOVE those orange stickers that say “Manager’s Special”. It’s the best way to get free or almost free items!! Plus, I have SEVERAL stores in my vicinity, the cashiers are AWESOME and Kroger has one of the friendliest coupon policies ever!! I often get overage from my coupons there!!
My next favorite is Giant Eagle. Again mostly for the sales, but I love the fact that they accept Competitor’s Coupons. That is incentive alone to rack up on the savings!!

What is your favorite thing about couponing?

Getting free stuff, showing others how to get free stuff and being able to donate to many worthy causes because of these efforts. It’s nothing like helping other people!! It’s a great feeling!!

How do you store your coupons?

I carry a coupon binder, which was my friend’s daughter’s school binder from last year. It was in perfect shape and it zips, so I won’t lose anything out of it. I keep my coupons in their inserts and when the sale calls for them, I go to the right insert and clip what I need. I also use the Store Envelope system. That’s where you grab a bunch of envelopes and put the store name on them. The coupons I do clip go in one of these envelopes based on where I will use them. As you get more acquainted with couponing, you begin know where specific items will be on sale, so the coupons will be in the right envelope and ready to be used.

How does your spouse feel about your couponing?

I don’t have a spouse yet, but I know my future husband will be pleased that he doesn’t have to spend money (or lots of money) on toiletry items like razors, shave gel and body wash. He will love our savings so much, he won’t complain that I’m going to the store AGAIN, he’ll gladly build stockpile shelves and put the items away, since he knew they were free or almost free and he’ll be ecstatic when I tell him our vacation is booked because of the money we save on everyday items!! LOL!!

What is the best deal you have done?

Wow, I’ve gotten so many deals, it’s hard to pinpoint just one. So, I’ll share my biggest savings. I went to customer service to address what I thought was a mistake on a price for soup. The deal had an attached catalina and I didn’t want to lose it. I spoke with customer service and they were SO awesome. What I didn’t know was that they were going to give me ALL the overage from my coupons!! This trip to Kroger paid ME $3.36, PLUS I got a $2.00 gift card as a replacement of the $2.00 catalina I should have received. 113% SAVINGS!! Here’s what I got:

What are your favorite couponing sites to follow?

I have one for pretty much every store, but here are my favorites as follows:

Where can you be found online?

Blog: Belle Noir Magazine

Where can we find you on social media?

Twitter: @FrugaliciousDva (
Thanks so much Latisha for sharing!

If any of you are couponers and you want to share your tips with us, or if you are natural and you want to be featured, please send your answers to the questions above (and some pictures) to

Until next time, Be Blessed!