Hey Bellas,

I have been MIA. I have been so busy with Flor Bella Boutique (thank you God) and with the girls school, my full time job and school. You know, being a mommy and wife and all that comes with that. I haven’t really been fooling with my hair, let alone my babies’ hair.

Today, after telling Tina all week that I was going to wash her hair, I looked at her and simply could not take it anymore.

This is how ragged it was looking today and decided I needed to do something about it.

Her hair today can be seen above. It looks a mess.

I had been thinking about giving myself an Aphogee protein treatment for a while and I remembered that SunKiss Alba had a video regarding a protein treatment for damaged hair that I had been wanting to try. To see video click here. I decided that Tina needed some protein BAD!

I washed her hair with the Mixed Chicks Sulfate Free Shampoo (my fave). After washing, I SLATHERED her hair in Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner. I needed to use the spray bottle to keep adding water as I detangled. As you know, she has A LOT of hair and it was drying faster than I could detangle. (I detangled using a wide tooth comb).

One section detangled and twisted.

This is how much hair was removed during the detangling process. Not very much, huh!?

After detangling both sections, I rinsed the Tresemme out. I then added two eggs to her hair. (I forgot to add the coconut oil to the eggs.) Yes, I did stir the eggs up before applying to her hair.

After applying the eggs to her hair, I covered her hair with trash bags and let her sit for an hour or so as she had egg dripping all over her. Gosh!

Look at my pretty baby!

After rinsing the egg out, I had to detangle AGAIN. So I pulled out the water bottle and I got to detangling again and I applied Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner to her hair as a leave in. I then also applied my favorite coconut oil (Spectrum unrefined).

I then gave her 6 sections and braided them. This was simply because doing smaller sections made it easier to manage.

This was the extra hair that was shed after detangling the second time and braiding the 6 plaits. A lot more this time. But not too much when combined with the other hair from the first detangle.

I know she needs to get her ends trimmed but I don’t want her hair to be blow dried. For some reason all the Black stylists act as if they cannot trim natural hair without straightening it. So, I think I will just trim the ends of her 6 plaits.

Have any of you tried an egg treatment? Did you like it? What could I have done better? How do you trim your ends? Post some comments and let me know.  I love you all so much! Smooches.