Today is the first day of school (Thank you Jesus) and I am so happy.

‘M’ wore her hair in braids. (YAY) It took some convincing, but it is done. She begged all week for straight hair and then she told me, “Well, can you leave it braided because when it is hanging long I get hot.”
I couldn’t have been more happier.

Yesterday I took her previous braids down and re-braided them in the exact same style. Cornrows in the front and box braids in the rear.  It was the first time I sealed as well. First, for the box braids, I took one row of braids down at a time and wet that row of hair (with spray bottle) and combed through with wide tooth comb. Next, I applied Design Essentials Naturals Daily Moisturizing Lotion to the hair.  I then applied raw Shea butter to the ends.  For some reason her ends are always so dry.  (I know that comes with having curly hair, but the bulk of her hair was still moisturized, while her ends were fried)  Lastly, I sectioned the hair for a braid and applied EcoStyler to that section and proceeded to braid. I took each corn row down individually and applied the product the same way.
She loved it. And so do I.

Have a wonderful first day of school my love.

Do you all like it?
Be blessed!!!