I decided on 3 strand twists after watching Beads, Braids & Beyond’s Easy Three Strand Twist Tutorial video.  I think I watched it 2 or 3 days ago. Originally, I had planned to give C four pony tails with her hair parted in an ‘X’ as opposed to a  ‘+’.

I must say I like the 3 strand twists better than regular twists because these do not shrink as much  as the two strand twists do.  As you can see in the pics below, you can see C’s length.

Her hair is quite long.

I will definitely be giving T some three strand twists in the near future.

I did this style on C last night. Now normally the wash day is Saturday, but I have been lazy with her hair.  Last night I couldn’t let it go any longer in the shape it was in. I decided to follow our normal routine.

Hope you enjoy the pics of my baby girl. Have a WONDERFUL day!

Thanks Beads Braids & Beyond for the inspiration.

Be Blessed!