When I first went natural in 2008 the very first product I used on my natural hair was Mixed Chicks. I originally bought it for T (my girls are mixed. My husband is Puerto Rican). I absolutely loved their products and I still do. The reason I stopped using the products was because with three full heads of curly hair I felt I would go broke if I continued purchasing the products. If it were just me, I would still be using the products. But with three of us we would go through it pretty quickly.

The Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner worked exceptionally well on my oldest daughters hair. It was so easy to detangle while using it and I had not had that ease with any other product. It was the first time she didn’t cry while detangling. I must admit after I ran out of the conditioner I even tried the knock off at Sally’s. (Don’t judge me).

A few months ago I went to the salon here that retails the Mixed Chicks and learned that they have a sulfate free shampoo.

At the time, I didn’t care about whether a shampoo had sulfates and I had not even heard of the Curly Girl method. But last night my thoughts were all over the place and I got to thinking about the fact that MC had a sulfate free shampoo. I got really excited.

I am actually glad about this for the following reasons:

  1. They make a large bottle (I like the Kinky-Curly Come Clean and the natural qualities of that product but paying $12 for 8oz equates to paying $49.5 for 32oz {4 bottles} of Come Clean.) and there is still an extra ounce in the Mixed Chicks. (Ya’ll know I am a crazy coupon lady, LOL).
  2. It fits into the Curly Girl method for those who require a sulfate free cleanser. I swim a lot and I may need a shampoo (I am trying go as long as I can without shampoo)
  3. I put moisturizer in my girls’ hair and I will be using shampoo to get rid of buildup and this could be a very good one for them.

Of course I plan to do a review as soon as I try it. It will be very soon.