Society doesn’t see imperfection as good, which is a bad thing for us women. Instagram and Facebook bombard us with daily images of perfect people living perfect lives, which can leave us feeling inadequate, thus resulting in numerous plastic surgeries, eating disorders and the like.

I, for one, have struggled with my imperfections. I’ve struggled with feeling beautiful and to be honest, I still don’t feel that way. For years, people have told me that my nose was too big or that I was too light to have such dark features. This resulted in me allowing other people’s view of me to shape my view of myself.  It is a constant battle to drown out that noise telling me that I wasn’t good enough.

I am writing this post to tell you DON’T do what I did! Growing up, I didn’t have the support system of people telling me that I was good enough and making me feel secure. Unfortunately, my mother didn’t assure me that I was worthy or special, so now, I reassure myself of those things. In case you can relate to this, I want to encourage you to reassure yourself as well because you are good enough.

On Confidence: Live a bold life.

At 35, I am just starting to enjoy life. Last year, I started traveling and enjoyed it so much. I’ve chosen to no longer compare myself to others or worry about what they say about my shortcomings. I’ve chosen to do what’s best for me and so must you.

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