This week we are featuring Deidra.  Deidra and I went to the same university.  Deidra is a wife and a brand new mom to a beautiful baby boy.  She wanted to share her natural journey with you all and I must say sheis beautiful and has GORGEOUS hair.  I previously mentioned that I don’t have any hair crushes, but I lied. Deidra is my hair crush. She always has the cutest hair accessories.  (She is oh so fashionable. LOL)

Name and where are you from.

Deidra P. Lewis, From: Mamou, Louisiana

Currently lives in: St. Louis, Missouri

When did you go natural?

Last relaxer was December 2007. Went completely natural in  June 2008.

What prompted you to go natural?

I wanted to do something different. I also knew that my hair wasn’t the healthiest that it could be.    At that time, there were not that many naturals around where I lived. I don’t mind being the “different” one in the group…lol.

Did you big chop? Why or why not?

Yes I big chopped in June 2008 to 1 inch.  At that time, I was working out often and I tried the spiral curls and other transition styles.  But weekly trips to the beauty shop was overrated. So, my next beauty salon visit…. I told my stylist…LETS DO IT!!

What is your regimen?

MOISTURE! MOISTURE! MORE MOISTURE!!  I deep condition once a week with tresemme naturals conditioner mixed with olive oil.  I am a wash n go kinda girl… staple product for wash n go is Parnevu Hair Mayonaise (I leave it in) and that’s it. I recently tried Paul Mitchell the Conditioner mixed with extra protein eco styler gel as a wash n go product and it worked pretty good.  But, the Parnevu Hair Mayonaise is my ultimate favorite. My wash n go’s usually last 7 days.

What is your favorite thing about being natural?

The versatility. I feel “FREE”!!!  Although, there are a lot of naturals out there now….I still feel that I look different from everyone else.  I hate when people compare textures. The most important thing about being natural is embracing your own naturalness.

Who is your celebrity hair crush? Why

Tracee Ellis Ross….She is very versatile and eclectic with her hair.  I LOVE THAT!!!

Who is your regular hair crush?

My big cuzin DeDe. She was one of my natural hair inspirations.

Deidra thanks for sharing with us. I WILL be trying that Parnevu Hair Mayonnaise.

I hope you all enjoyed her journey.

Be Blessed!