‘Price Match Guarantee’, we hear that phrase a lot on Walmart commercials. Today, I have a testimony on just how great price matching is.  And not just at Walmart!

I had been fighting for a while over getting a better quality phone.   I couldn’t wait any longer to do so.
On Monday, 11/12/12, I broke down and purchased a Samsung Galaxy S III phone.  Best Buy had them on special for $199.99 and if you purchased it you got a $100 gift card, essentially making the phone $99.  So I bit. (they gave me the gift card right there on spot (before I paid them) so I could use it to pay for the phone, which I did, so my out of pocket was $99.99)

Needless to say, I have been in love the last 6 days. (Those of you with this phone know what I am talking ’bout)

Well, imagine my profound happiness when I received today’s paper in the drive and proceeded to peruse it and I found the ad pictured above.

So as I started looking at the ad more closely, I noticed this

YES, Radio Shack had the SAME phone for $49.99. (with new Sprint activation. when I purchased my phone on Monday it was a new Sprint activation) STOP THE PRESSES.  So, I IMMEDIATELY went to get my receipt and read the back to see what Best Buy’s price match policy was.  I really wasn’t too concerned because most stores have a price guarantee within 7 days and it has only been 6 days since I got my phone. However, I was so ECSTATIC when I saw that Best Buy has a 30 day price match guarantee!!! 30 DAYS!!! YAY!!  Well, I wasn’t going to wait 30 days, I ran (more like drove) over to the Best Buy and I got my $150 back PLUS TAX.

Just so you know I am not lying, here are my receipts copies below:

My original purchase receipt has been truncated because of personal info on the receipt that I didn’t want viewed.  But you can clearly see the dates and the prices of my transactions. On the right you can see that the original transaction number is the same as the transaction number on the left and you can see how much money they refunded me today. Now, since I paid for my purchases partly with a $100 gift card, $100 of my refund was given back to me on a Best Buy gift card. I am sure I will put it to good use.

Anyway, with the holidays fast approaching, be sure to keep your receipts and check the sales ads to make sure you are getting the best deal possible.  But even beyond the holiday season be sure to do this.  Be aware of your stores price match policy.  For example, Best Buy had to call Radio Shack to see if the price was valid and if they had the item in stock.  That made no sense to me since I had the valid ad with me and the ad had the dates on it.  I am also not sure why they wanted to know if the item was in stock.  Most stores wouldn’t have an advertisement for an item they don’t carry.  (I guess they wanted to make sure I didn’t create the sales ad at home.)  Nevertheless, the phone was in stock and the price was correct and I SKIPPED out of the store happier than I was when I WALKED in.

Happy Saving!
Be blessed.