sent me Bigen’s Jet Black color to review. Here are some thoughts on my experience.

1. This was not my first time using Bigen. However, this is my first time using the premixed version in the bottle you see above. I used to use the powder color in Oriental Black.  Oriental Black is NOT available in this new formula.

2. This formula, just like the predecessor, is peroxide and ammonia free.

  • Ammonia is carcinogenic, corrosive, and damages the cuticle. Ammonia fumes can exacerbate allergies.
  • Peroxide breaks down the melanin, weakens hair shaft, can kill hair follicles, can cause bald patches.

3. This formula comes in the following beautiful colors:

4. This formula contains beeswax, sunflower and honey.  (Watch my video to learn the benefits of those ingredients)

5. This product is available at numerous locations including,, and a myriad of beauty supply stores nationwide.

6.  The product was easy to use and easy to clean, which I loved because I made a MESS all over myself and my bathroom. My regular Formula 409 cleaned everything right up and all the color all over my forehead, neck and ears wiped right on off with a wet towel.

If you are looking for an inexpensive, reliable, safe color, Bigen is a fantastic choice.