Hello everyone,

I am so excited right now. I decided to do a blog. I spend so much time reading blogs about other peoples natural hair journeys and figured hey, ” I can do that, too.” My name is Crystal and I am a wife and mother. I have two daughters ages 6 and 4 who are natural. They were the impetus for me going natural. My last relaxer was in 2008 so I have been natural for a while now. I am trying to navigate the natural scene and grow my hair as long as possible. As far as my girls go, I have had the hardest time with their hair because I didn’t know how to braid and do fancy styles that my mom used to do to my hair. There is just not enough time to do all of our heads every morning. I would see other little girls’ hair and think how lovely it was but I couldn’t do it. I would take my oldest girl to the salon and spend lots of money to get her hair braided. But then I went to the BSS and bought a mannequin to practice on. But the mannequin did not have the hair that my girls and I have so I decided to start practicing on them. I got inspiration from a wonderful blog called beadsbraidsbeyond.blogspot.com and began styling their hair. I am saving money (I am a couponer and I love to save money when I can) and they are loving the twists and braids. I will be documenting my journey with you and I welcome your questions, comments and advice. Let’s traverse this natural journey together.

Thanks. Be Blessed.