My Martina wanted some twists and that is what she got.

Since I twisted my hair on saturday, my girl decided she wanted twists as well.  I did this last night. I wanted to do it on Saturday, but she didn’t want to get her hair done and I had to pick my battles, besides I was tired. Anyway, I washed her hair with Mixed Chicks sulfate free shampoo (our fave) and

Then I conditioned with

Courtesy Amazon

(This was some swag from the Expressive Textures event I went to on 12/15/12.)

I then used my trusty

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Courtesy Amazon

To ‘moisturize’ her hair.

I know people say hair grease does not moisturize, but it left her hair soft shiny and NOT DRY  (Blue Magic has been working as long as I can remember. If it ain’t broke!)

I covered her hair with her Flor Bella Boutique bonnet. And this morning her twists were GORG. (sorry we were rushing and I didn’t get the pic of the hair this morning. The pic above is the pic IMMEDIATELY following the completion of getting her hair done last evening.)