Today, one of my girlfriends asked me, “What is the CG method?” I guess I took for granted that because I am late getting into the blog game that most naturalistas have heard of the method already.  Ridiculous, huh?  I don’t really know why I assumed that everyone knew except me when I just learned of it two weeks ago.  Well here is my take on what I have learned so far and how I am navigating it.

A great article about the Curly Girl method can be found here.

Here is the book that is the Holy Grail of curly hair care.

The book was written by the founder of DevaCurl products Lorraine Massey. I have never tried the products but there are plenty of YouTubers you can find who have.

The book is very informative and shows the different types of curls and names them (not the 1,2,3,4 typing, but names of curls like fractal, zig-zag, botticelli, etc.) I liked this better because the number typing never helped me understand my hair. I still don’t know what my number is. I am guessing I am a 3something?!
The book talks about shampoo and sulfates and how they damage your hair.  It talks about how conditioner can clean the hair, gives instructions on how to trim your own ends and even talks about how to care for kids hair.

There is a section on multi-cultural hair for us.   There was also a DVD included with the book showing how to perform the method for your type of curl. I also LOVE that the book was reasonably priced. I actually drove to a far out Barnes and Noble to get it as the one close to me didn’t have it and I didn’t want to wait for shipping. I am so impatient!

I won’t go on and on but it tells you how to handle your hair to get it to grow and I am so happy I purchased it. I am already in love with my hair and it has only been a week. I purchased the book on 7/7/12.

I recommend you get the book, read it, apply it and love your hair.