Hey Everyone. This post is a long time in the making. I received the LBOS products from Lucretia on October 21.  My life has been crazy busy and I hadn’t done the review but here we go.

First thoughts:

The packaging was beautiful as you can see from the pictures.  I received a bath bomb, body butter, and a Lady Gaga roller fragrance oil (Which Martina lost.  I call her Ms. Can’t Stop Touching). There was even a beautiful hand written card in green (Carri’s favorite color)

How Pretty?!

I have not used the bath bomb yet.  I am in Dallas right now as I write this.  However, tonight I plan to use this as my back is killing me and I plan to soak in the tub this evening.  This bath bomb be apart of my relaxation routine this evening and I will post an update.

The body butter. OH MY GOSH.  First let me start out by saying that I haven’t used this on my hair. I have used it on my skin and the girls’ skin.  Both of my girls have eczema.  I use this on their skin and it does WONDERS!!!!.  I even use it on my feet. I wear flip-flops TOO much and get cracked skin on my heels and this does wonders on my feet.  After wearing 5 in heels last night, I plan to soak these puppies today and
apply this after my foot soak. (I WON’T be posting picks of my feet. I REFUSE)

The body butter I received was unscented, but that didn’t mean that it didn’t smell good. It smelled so good to me. Unscented meaning she didn’t add any additional scents. As you can see in the business name, she has TONS of oils you can add to have the product smell whatever your fave fragrance is. Since sensitive skin lives in my household I didn’t want a fragrance.


So, its about 9:19 here at home. Last night when I arrived home I was in so much pain. My back was hurting me and the heels I had on Saturday night DID NOT HELP. So I told Papi that I didn’t feel well. He ran me a bath and I dropped that bath bomb in there.  YES INDEED! I was in heaven. The aroma? AMAZING. I just sat there and soaked. The girls came in that begged me to get in with me.  I kicked them out! LOL.

I was in paradise. Then after soaking in the tub, I rubbed the body butter on my skin and my FEET.  I them put some spa socks on and went to sleep. (My skin felt like silk) I DID NOT have to apply lotion this morning when I woke up this morning.

I digress. Just let me tell you the reasons that I love these products:
1. Lucretia was SOOO professional.  From the time I consulted her about her products until now, she has been so sweet.
2. She takes PRIDE in her work and her craftsmanship (craftswomanship) is superb. The products are decorated BEAUTIFULLY as you can see.

Needless to say, I am ordering some more bath bombs on Thursday (pay day)! And a replacement to my Lady Gaga fragrance that Tina lost.

I am off to bed again and I will be putting some body butter on my feet again along with the spa socks.

Lucretia, thanks so much for sharing these products with me. I love them. God bless you and your businesses.  

(When I try the Body Butter in my hair I will review that as well.)

If any of you would like to check Lucretia out, her website is: www.lawbodyoilsandsprays.com

Please like her Facebook Fan Page

Be Blessed.