I am bringing in the New Year by relaxing. I love a good crossword or sudoku puzzle.  Tonight, I decided to pamper myself.   I soaked my feet and then put on some aloe spa socks that I bought from CVS.  I used one of those bins they give you at the hospital from when Tina had a few nights visit earlier in April.  I have been using it as a foot soak since then. I have a foot bath that does the bubbles, but I hate the hassle of using it, believe it or not.  Anyway,

I added Johnson’s Foot Soap to the basin.  I have been using it for years.  My cousin Jenny turned me on to it a long time ago.
My feet were in heaven. I used the hottest water my faucet could give me.  Let me tell you that my feet were so soft and smooth and my calluses (from wearing flip flops) were completely softened to the point that I used the foot file and filed them away.  I then smoothed on Lucretia’s Body Oils and Sprays Body Butter and let me tell you that paying $25 at the nail salon couldn’t have been better. Let me tell you that I will not ever be without Johnson’s Foot Soap.  Sometimes you have to do things yourself.  Happy New Year ladies.